Sarah & Emily have been in a discipleship (mentoring)
relationship for 5 years

“Rooted Relationships” is a discipleship (or mentoring) initiative of NorthEast, where leaders come alongside men and women new in their faith and/or sobriety, to form personal and purposeful one-on-one relationships. It’s a fact that people don’t remain connected to the body of Christ because of dynamic worship or great preaching, but because of the meaningful connections they form within community. We also believe people do not stay sober because they attend a weekly service or Bible study, but because others have invested in their lives on a deeper level. Once someone has “heard about the man” called Christ (John 4:28), it is our desire that their roots “grow down deep into Him” (Col. 2:7). We believe this foundation will result in heart and life patterns changed for the good. Those beginning their faith journey need a friend to show them the ropes, and that’s what Rooted Relationships is all about.


To become a Rooted Relationships Leader, or to be partnered with one, please contact Kristel at kristelm@northeastofthewell.org