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Celebrating a Decade of Change

Lives Touched by Northeast

Rick Fortier

NorthEast Board Chairman

I have experience with a variety of boards and committees… But what makes NorthEast special is their heart for Jesus. There are so many programs for addiction, but NorthEast focuses on changing a person from the inside out. They know that the only true way out of addiction is a total transformation through Christ. I am blessed to be on this board, and in turn, to help support the mission of NorthEast. We pray you will help us, too.


NorthEast Community Member

"I grew up in an abusive home and spent most my life in and out of prison; addicted for 25 years and lost my son to adoption. It wasn’t until I attended a NorthEast bible study at Casa Teresa that my life really began to turn around. Through NorthEast, I was able to know Christ. From the moment they met me, they had their arms wide open. I cannot thank them enough — for hiring me on staff, teaching me real life skills, walking alongside me as I finished school and supporting me in my walk with the Lord. Today, I thank God for granting me the courage to know that even if my son is not with me, he is in good hands. Because of NorthEast, I am now able to help other women who are going through similar situations. They showed me that God has a bigger plan for us. Knowing NorthEast has been one of the biggest blessings in my life. I smile as I can now say: I am 4 years sober.”