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Celebrating a Decade of Change


Help us reach our goal by selecting which impact project you would like to fund below.

Help Us Reach Our Goal

Remember that when you support us that 100% of every dollar donated is tax deductible!

Day 2 – Reach

Project 1

Help bring God’s Word to people living in local drug treatment programs, safe houses and shelters.

Taking the Gospel message into hard to reach places, to people who are not always comfortable in a conventional church setting: this is the cornerstone of our mission.  Recently we resumed  Bible studies at three women’s and two men’s programs, meeting outdoors, in small groups, observing mandated safety regulations. Your support will help us bring hope and a path to freedom for those struggling to overcome the damage of their pasts.

  • $165 brings a weekly Bible study to 6-10 women
  • $ 660 per month
  • Goal:  $39,600

Some call us the CHURCH ON THE GO. As an independent ministry, we represent the body of Christ, following his command to “go….and make disciples…” into places where the need is great yet few gain access. What opens the doors: our own personal stories, and a willingness to share the journey with those whose struggles we understand.

Heritage House North Bible Study for women in Anaheim


Project 2

Sponsor a child—provide children with opportunities to experience God’s love through age-appropriate teaching and special activities that build trust and inspire confidence.

While adults come together at a NorthEast gathering, the children of our community have their own time to learn about Jesus through Bible stories, games and age appropriate activities. Throughout the year, school-age children can also participate in special programs such as Vacation Bible School, Summer/Winter Camp or Changing Strides, a therapeutic riding program aimed at helping them to build confidence and overcome emotional trauma.

  • $250 allows one child (age 8-16) to participate in a two-week horseback camp (an outdoor, small group activity) 
  • $55 provides a children’s Bible, teaching materials, games and activities for one child
  • Goal:  $10,000

Imagine what it’s like to see your mom taken away, replaced by a stranger who will bring you to yet another “new home,” another new school. Whom can you trust, and when will you see your mom again? Your siblings? Is this your fault? When you do return to her, how long will it last? Situations like these are common for many children who come to NorthEast. Your support provides consistent, caring adults whose presence and unconditional love demonstrate the dependable, unchanging love of God, as they engage children through Bible stories, songs, crafts and games. In addition, children can experience activities that bolster their confidence, strengthen social relationships and build confidence.

Changing Strides equine therapy with a child from our community in Costa Mesa


Day 3 – Connect

Project 3

Help us reach and connect women & children living in isolation with needed resources during and post-COVID.

The ongoing pandemic has left many women and children isolated in unsafe places, where drug abuse and physical danger are present. Provide our response team with critical funding for shelter, food, transportation and support while we help find safe, long-term solutions through our extended network of partner organizations.

  • $350 provides outreach and support needed to assist one individual or family
  • Goal:  100 families: $35,000

During COVID, women and children who normally would be at school, working, or in public places have been trapped, often in homes where there is active drug use, physical and/or sexual abuse. Over the past 5 months, call volume to local as well as national abuse hotlines have increased dramatically, while access to mandated reporters such as teachers, doctors, employers and social workers has been minimal.  Loss of income and difficulty finding help prevents many from escaping these dangerous circumstances.

Over the past months NorthEast of the Well has also experienced a rising number of calls asking for help.  We have responded by sending both people and resources to provide immediate relief, along with assistance connecting families to longer term solutions through our partnership with over two dozen service providers, residential programs, shelters, churches and law enforcement.

Mother and child in need


Project 4

Provides year-long small group discipleship and one-on-one mentoring for women rebuilding their lives.

The road to recovery doesn’t end when a program is over; it requires a process of learning new habits and skills, all of which take time and practice. Help us train and empower women to apply biblical truth to their daily lives, with small group support and one-on-one mentors who can model and guide them through this process.

  • $145 helps train and support one woman  
  • $1450 for 10 women

Old habits die hard, until they are replaced by better ones and repeated often.  In the same manner, women who are new believers may still struggle with old behaviors  and need a guiding hand as they set a new course for their lives.

NorthEast of the Well offers small, intimate discipleship groups aimed at teaching biblical principles that guide our daily lives. Women are encouraged to share their struggles with others in a confidential setting, knowing that they are not alone.  Some are paired up with mature Christians who commit to praying for them, sharing their wisdom, modeling a godly lifestyle, helping them develop skills that improve relationships with their children, their families and their peers.

Women connecting during worship at one of our Newport gatherings


Day 4 – Equip

Project 5

Prepare emerging ministry leaders with hands-on training and mission opportunities.

Our sustainability as a ministry depends on training up new leaders who embody our values and drive future growth. Give emerging leaders the opportunity to learn through hands-on mission projects in places like Skid Row (homeless/addiction), Figueroa Street (prostitution), Trabuco Canyon (sex trafficking victims).

  • $450 per person
  • Goal: 10 new leaders ($4500)

As people enter into the NorthEast community, they are not only welcomed, but also encouraged to take advantage of serve opportunities, reinforcing a sense of connectedness and  value to the whole group.  Over time, leaders emerge, drawn by a desire to share what God has done in their lives by giving back. 

 Local mission projects help build up these leaders by challenging them to focus on the needs of others and demonstrate their commitment to truly follow in Jesus’ footsteps.  Every two years,  a “Jail to Jerusalem” trip brings leaders to the Holy Land, allowing, offering a life-changing experience as they visit places that the patriarchs, prophets and our Lord himself walked. 

Jen, alumni from Heritage House North, teaching a devotion during the Jail to Jerusalem Israel trip, 2019


Project 6

Provide life skills and job readiness training for women entering the workforce.

Finding a job can be a challenge for those who need to support their families, yet encounter barriers due to criminal records or a lack of work experience. Our Steps to Success program equips students with valuable life skills and helps them prepare to step into a meaningful career. 

  • $450 per woman: curriculum, materials, personal tablet and Bible
  • Goal:  20 women ($9,000)

Steps to Success is a specialized life skills and job readiness program aimed at helping students overcome social or work-related deficits that can prevent them from finding, or keeping, a job. This 8-week program will introduce strategies and skills that contribute to workplace success, assist students as they identify personal and professional strengths, help them understand the requirements for specific jobs, and develop both written and verbal communication skills that lead to successful outcomes. 

Each section of the program allows students to hear, see, practice and correct themselves as they navigate the path to employment.  Throughout the course, students will learn and understand how the Bible creates the framework for a strong foundation that will guide us towards success in our  personal and our professional lives.

Natalie and Briana, both alumni from programs we serve, at their job-readiness internship


Day 5 – Vision

Project 7

Help us REACH-CONNECT+EQUIP the next 10,000 Reasons to Celebrate!

Our vision for the coming decade is to replicate our ministry model, equipping teams to build new communities in Southern California and beyond around the Good News of Jesus Christ and a shared desire to follow Him.

  • Our Board of Directors will match your gift of any size, up to $40,000
  • Goal:  $100,000! The Sky’s the Limit!

In the coming season, our Founder Laura Suk will focus her efforts on building up leaders who bear our DNA and share a passion to bring the Gospel message to those desperate for change. This will facilitate a process of replication that can be carried to new communities throughout the Southland and beyond.

Founder and Executive Director, Laura Suk, praying with a woman at one of our Newport Beach gatherings