Alex is our Men's Teaching & Discipleship Associate, working to help heal, encourage and love others through teaching the Word of God.

I grew up in Mission Viejo - using coke, partying, hanging with the wrong people. I tried heroin once and became addicted, then came meth. This took me down an 8 year heroin addiction - living in abandoned houses, going in and out of jail, experiencing an overdose, and eventually losing custody of my daughter. At one point, I was on day 7 of not sleeping because of my addiction, which resulted in me falling asleep behind the wheel of a stolen car and flipping over on the freeway. God must have been looking out for me, even then... 

During my last experience in jail, I felt God shift my heart; I soon after discovered Teen Challenge, and later on, NorthEast. It was at NorthEast that I felt this new light within myself and new-found joy with Jesus. My life has truly transformed... now my biggest joy is watching people's lives change through NorthEast just as mine did. I’m proud to say I've been a part of the NorthEast community for two years now and became a staff member last year. As I jumped right into helping with men’s teaching and discipleship, I just knew this was the place for me - a place where I get to teach His Word; a place to love and help the broken.