I was trafficked for over 11 years, and experienced every type of pimp, from those who used false romance for control to those who used power to abuse. All of the promises of belonging and a life that is on top of the world were nothing but a lie.

When I finally ran away from my trafficker, I hid in a pitch-black basement of an abandoned building with a man that promised protection. Out of desperation, I started using drugs, went from one dark situation to another, and found myself pregnant again. This brought back deep shame from 8 years ago when staff at the Child Protective Services said to me, “If you cannot even protect yourself, how can you protect your son?”. Every week I walked 3 hours to get to my parenting and domestic violence class, and still, I lost my son to CPS.

I had to take ownership of my life again for this pregnancy and to protect my baby. This was my second chance.

At my first prenatal appointment, I asked the nurse for help. Seeing my determination, she redirected me to a program and I waited outside of the doctor’s office for two whole days. Then Casa Teresa, a safe house for pregnant women, came to pick me up. As soon as I settled into my room, I was told there was a Bible study. That is where I met NorthEast of the Well.

Gail was the first person I saw and she hugged me without any hesitation. At that moment I felt safe and my healing truly began with God. After 10 months of Bible studies with NorthEast, I decided to get baptized. Coming out of the water, I felt this overwhelming joy well up inside of me stronger than any other emotion I have ever experienced. All I could do was scream 'hallelujah!'.