Chris, Dec 2020
In May, 2019, two days after entering Action Alliance, a sober living home in Santa Ana and only days after taking her last drink, Chris met NorthEast of the Well. Someone yelled "Bible study!" Suddenly, she found herself sitting in a room with women who were singing and talking about Jesus. "I felt uncomfortable, I didn't understand, but I was willing to do just about anything to stay sober."

Growing up in a home where alcohol was a "popular pastime," Chris excelled academically and was a practicing attorney by age 23. As constant pressure and long hours took their toll, she drank more and more "to take the edge off." For 20 years she struggled - racking up 4 DUIs, even traveling to Costa Rica to escape the drinking. But no matter where she went, there it was. She became suicidal: "It was never going to end, I couldn't control it, so what's the point?" That's when a friend suggested Action Alliance.

At that first Bible study, Chris signed up to be baptized with NorthEast, with no idea what it really meant. But over time, things started to make sense, as she came to understand the significance of this decision, the deep impact it had on her life, and the change it made in her heart. She saw "it was either my will or God's," and she surrendered. Now, the anxiety and need to perform are gone, replaced by a desire to carry the message of Jesus to others. "I give my best every day and leave the results up to Him."