Earlier in 2021, we met Kelly at Vera’s Sanctuary, a program for victims of human trafficking and women in recovery. Hiding underneath a blanket and detoxing from fentanyl after 14 overdoses and countless hospital visits, she would intermittently raise her trembling hands to try to engage and connect during the Bible study. Kelly decided that this time she would do things differently. She continued to attend every Bible study we had. After graduating from the program, our staff noticed the joy and life that began to spring forth in her. She later shared with us “I begin to feel hope like I never have before.”

Today, Kelly is giving back to her community and pointing people to Christ. She is consistently bringing women who have similar stories to our Monday night gatherings; not only does she provide rides for them but encourages them to stay the course. With tears of joy flooding down her face, she remembers, “I am just one beggar telling another beggar where I got fed.”