Lorrie and Lilly, Nov 2020
Lorrie had been abusing drugs and alcohol for 27 years by the time she entered Heritage House, a drug treatment program for women. "Growing up, I was around it all the time - it just seemed normal to me."

By 15, she found methamphetamines and soon was a full-blown addict. When the father of her children was murdered in a gang-related incident, Lorrie, now in her 20's, faced losing them to Child Protective Services. "It was a dark, dark time. Everything had been taken away." It became even darker as she began a futile search to learn the identity of her father. "I prayed, 'When will I find out who my real dad is?' And as clear as day, I heard God's voice saying: 'Stop worrying, I'm your Father.'" But tragedy wasn't done with her; in 2003, Lorrie's mother was killed in a domestic dispute. Unable to cope with the loss, Lorrie continued the path of destruction until finally, she just couldn't do it anymore. 

In 2014, Lorrie entered Heritage House with her 5 year old daughter, Lilly. After years of moving around, never finding what she needed, Lorrie was "soul sick and hungry for God." For Lilly, the program offered stability she hadn't known before. "It was a safe place, with food, a bed, and people who cared."  Here they met NorthEast. "Every Friday, they'd pick us up and take us to the park for pizza and Bible study. Pretty soon, all the old stuff just started melting away. We felt connected to a community that loved God and loved us. I can't begin to express how much NorthEast of the Well has impacted our lives." 

Today, 7 years later, Lorrie and Lilly have their own apartment in Huntington Beach. Lorrie counsels other women struggling with the same challenges she once faced.  "Everything I have comes from Jesus...he put it all together. Now I partner with him. Addiction is a spiritual battle and every day I tell him  'Jesus, I can't do it without you!'" Last year, Lorrie and Lilly were baptized together at NorthEast. Lilly, now 13, says: "Jesus is so amazing, he was so brave to die for our sins and I'm glad he did." Lorrie and Lilly are living witnesses of God's power to break the bonds of generational sin, and "to bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of gladness instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair." Isaiah 61:3