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When Madeline thinks back on her childhood, she remembers violence, abuse and drinking.

At 6 years of age, she saw her father hit her mother with an iron. After her parents divorced, her mother’s drinking increased and promiscuity began. Her mom brought men home from the bar that made sexual advances towards Madeline and her siblings. As 1 of 11 children, she felt lost in the chaos of her home. At the age of 12, Madeline attempted suicide. At 14 she left home, and was pregnant the next year. Her mother signed over Madeline’s guardianship to the state. Within 6 weeks of giving birth to her baby, Madeline was raped and pregnant a second time. She had 2 marriages fail with abusive and dominating men. In 2001 she received her first DUI, and saw two of her siblings die of substance abuse. One day, she headed home thinking she was going north – but it was south. Madeline collided head-on with another car; her vehicle was totaled and both parties were injured. Madeline’s blood alcohol content was 0.22.

Madeline enrolled at Tarzana Treatment Center. There, she met some women who talked about a weekly worship service at "The Little Brown Church". “The first time I went to NorthEast I was welcomed by a volunteer who made me feel right at home. I didn’t want to only do AA – I wanted my recovery to be completely founded on Jesus Christ. I’ve been attending for 2 years now, and I tell everyone: NorthEast IS my recovery!”