Marji Exon, October 2020

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I started volunteering with NorthEast back in 2008. They always say: when you do servant ministry, you’re the one that gets served, and that’s exactly what happened to me. I love these girls – they are so inspiring.

The way they commit themselves to becoming better people and learning about God. Some of the girls I used to drive are still with NorthEast today – they are NorthEastI’ve seen them take it all in and be transformed by the wonderful support and bible teaching NorthEast brings. What makes NorthEast so special is that they take their ministry to the people. They don’t wait for them to come; they go and seek out those that are struggling and in such need. There is nothing that is ever going to stop them from getting The Word to people that so desperately need it – not even this pandemic. Through zoom, food deliveries, phone calls, always being available to counsel when necessary. What a ministry they are…