Martha, Dec 2019
"I met Jesus Christ through NorthEast of the Well; if it wasn't for them, I would not be who I am today." - Martha

Martha and her family have been part of our community since 2012. It started with Martha’s sister-in-law, who was living at Village of Hope when she expressed that a bad spirit had taken hold of Martha. Martha was living in desperation and felt such a spiritual oppression, that day-to-day life was beyond difficult – as her mind was being overwhelmed with dark voices. Without hesitation, NorthEast stepped in, and with the power of God, delivered her from this darkness. NorthEast made sure to stand by her side as she found the light and surrendered her life to Jesus. It was in those monumental moments that the hurt and fear was replaced with a spirit of freedom and peace.

Over the years, NorthEast has walked alongside Martha through an abusive marriage, the death of a beloved sister, and the struggles of caring for deaf parents. For years, Martha made it a point to attend our gatherings in Anaheim regularly,while also staying actively involved in discipleship. Martha and her four children have now moved into the Village of Hope, where they get picked up by NorthEast on Mondays and taken to our Newport gathering. Today, Martha is building a strong foundation for her family and herself with God at the helm.