I don’t even know how many recovery programs I’ve been in – I was heavily on drugs for years, in and out of jail. Things spun out of control and I didn’t care about anything. At my worst, I was trying to let the drugs kill me because I was too scared to commit suicide myself.

One night, I was sitting in the front yard at my grandmother’s; it was cold but clear. I remember feeling so tired, depressed and hopeless about my life. I cried out to God in question: ‘Are you even still there!?’ My grandma had this grapefruit tree in the front and at that moment, the fruit started falling. When one hit my foot, I took it as a ‘God shot’, as we say in AA. The next morning a program called and said they had a bed for me.

My family later moved to a sober living home on Long Beach Boulevard that was connected with the ministry of NorthEast of the Well. A NorthEast van came every Wednesday to pick up residents that wanted to attend a dinner and worship service. Penny, Jason and I joined in.  

We’ve been attending NorthEast as a family since Jason was just a baby. NorthEast of the Well feels like going over to a friend’s house – but it’s GOD’S house. I also now meet with Pastor Jason every other Friday; right now we’re studying the book of John.

My journey has involved a lot of prayer, and I still take one thing at a time. Living as a new man, husband and father is all by the grace of God – I can’t do it without him. The power of prayer works!