Tonya Hubbard, Oct 2020

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I am the Resident Services Manager at Lydia House – a recovery shelter for women and children. Laura came to our facility one day ready to start a program with our women in recovery; eager to invite us to a bible study in Long Beach. At least 100 women from Lydia House have now gone through the NorthEast program! They bring them in, feed them, talk with them, build relationships with them, sing amazing worship, give testimonies, share stories that help the women know they aren’t alone. 

In 2017 I went to Israel with 20 people who had been discipled, nurtured and cared for by NorthEast. The most impactful thing, and it almost brings me to tears just talking about it, were the men and women that went with us. I saw their gifts being exposed; I watched them be filled with confidence. They finally knew they were something special; that they could have an impact in this world and be used by God in an amazing way. NorthEast – they are good, good, good people. What an incredible difference they make.