Originally from the Philippines, Vickie arrived in America at age 22 and worked as an RN for 35 years. In 2007 she suffered a debilitating stroke that radically altered her life. During her time in the hospital, she encountered the Lord and knew one day she'd be caring for women. Shortly after, because of her limitations, doors shut on her housing situation, but that's when doors opened for her at Grandma's House of Hope (GHH). Vickie moved into her first GHH location in a hospital gown with a walker. Over time, Vickie recovered from her ailments and established herself as a leader.

Four years ago, NorthEast met Vickie when she began faithfully attending the Bible studies. Moving to various locations, she continued to show up, rallying other residents to join her. The outcast became the witness! NorthEast was delighted to see Vickie at yet another location when Grandma's House reopened post-pandemic. Today, she is a community leader and a "house mom", seeing clearly how the vision the Lord gave her years ago has manifested in her life. NorthEast is grateful that she is such a tremendous advocate in the lives of so many women.