Lorena Padilla

Lorena is a survivor of human trafficking and suffered sexual abuse from family members for most of her young life. At 13 years old she became addicted to meth, cocaine and heroin and was in and out of the system for 14 years with her addiction. As her life was spiraling, she lost custody of her two sons and was being pursued by a church who wanted to help. Lorena didn’t want anything to do with them or God. In 2007, she found herself pregnant again and at rock bottom; she didn’t want to do it anymore. She reached out to that church and was given the resources to stay clean, get off the streets and had someone walking through the process with her. Lorena came to know the Lord and today she celebrates 15 years of sobriety and is raising her son and daughter and has restored relationships with her two oldest boys. In 2022, Lorena was introduced to NorthEast of the Well and her heart aligned with our mission. She serves as our Outreach and Human Trafficking Coordinator where she gets to minister to woman who are in the same situation as she. Lorena stands on Jeremiah 29: 11-14.