Pachi Wathen

Pachi came to NorthEast of the Well in 2010 when we were still a grassroots ministry holding Bible studies in living rooms. Born in Brazil to a poor, broken family with an abusive alcoholic father, Pachi was five years old when her mom escaped the relationship and worked hard to provide for her; a few years later, her father took his own life. Struggling with the weight of trauma, Pachi met the wrong crowd and started using drugs from acid, pot to cocaine. In desperation, she planned to take her own life when Jesus intervened through a man who shared God’s love for her. She accepted Christ in 1993. Pachi soon attended Bible college and began her work with street kids and prostitutes in Sao Paolo. Today, Pachi works in Children’s Ministry and has a passion to raise up children who know the intimate name of Jesus. Her life verse is Job 42: 5-6 “My ears had heard of you, but now my eyes have seen you.”