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Steps to Success

Helping people with criminal backgrounds or lack of work experience prepare for and secure employment.

Steps to Success is a 10-week job readiness/ life skills course that teaches and equips individuals with basic life skills, responsibility/ commitment, professional interpersonal skills, financial literacy, interview training, and resume building. We partner with various local organizations in hosting workshops and inviting guest speakers in various industries to educate and inspire our program participants to go on living flourishing lives. Additionally, Steps to Success also provides employment opportunities through our robust community network.

Why Life Skills?

Life skills are job skills. As a matter of fact, literally hundreds of employers across major industry sectors, when asked what skills they consider most important for their employees t0 bring to the job, respond that “soft skills” such as teamwork, good communication, adaptability and problem solving are more important than specific technical skills, which are more easily learned.‍

Students will have access to:

  • “Unwritten rules” in the workplace
  • The importance of good communication, teamwork and problem-solving
  • Resources available to job seekers and workers
  • Interviewing skill-sets and practices
  • Continuous support through the process and first phase of work

Those completing this 8-week program will receive a certificate of completion and a letter of reference for employers. ‍

Program Managers will:

  • Help clients learn valuable "people" skills applicable not only at work, but in their day to day lives
  • Give them a way to prepare for "what comes next"
  • Provide hope and a vision for a productive, independent future

Employers can:

  • Gain access to a pool of employees that are ready and eager to work
  • Find workers who understand that their success depends on your success
  • Partner with an organization that has your satisfaction as a top priority

For More Information, Contact Shaneen:

  • Office: 949.515.9355
  • Cell: 909.377.8240