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We take God’s Word into hard places, focusing on those in recovery and restoration.

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Letter from LauraOur Founder and Executive Director

A Decade of Ministry

Luke 15 reminds us that it never gets bigger than the one; that we must do for the one what we wish we could do for everyone. We believe that if we stay focused on reaching just one person at a time, God will handle the rest. At NorthEast of the Well, we are all about creating safe spaces and an environment to grow in faith. We cannot wait for people to come to us; we must put our boots on the ground and take our faith into some of the darkest places, acting as an instrument of His peace. We aim to “preach the gospel wherever we go; raising up disciples for Christ.”

In addition to sharing ourselves and God’s Word through our weekly Zoom gatherings, we are now re-entering our regular programs as they begin to open their doors again, as well as entering into new areas to reach “the one.” We are calling our family of God to support us in 2021 as we expand our efforts and step onto the frontlines of human trafficking territories. 2nd Corinthians 8 reminds us that it is a gift to respond to the cross of Jesus Christ with whatever we have. With this in mind, please consider expressing your gratitude to God by becoming one of our faithful allies as we embark on a new decade of ministry. Thank you in advance for supporting us with your time, your sacrificial gifts, and your kingdom work.

All for the King,
Laura Signature

Laura Suk
(Founder and Executive Director)