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We take God’s Word into hard places, focusing on those in recovery and restoration.

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Letter from LauraOur Founder and Executive Director

April 2011: A small grass-roots ministry named NorthEast of the Well receives non-profit status. We began in response to a need - women cycling in and out of addiction, prostitution, abusive relationships, and jail needed something more...And that something was the Word of God, along with authentic connection to others who had walked a similar path and understood brokenness. 

Today, we celebrate the 10,000 women, men and children NorthEast has reached over the past decade. We honor God's hand in providing the people, the opportunities, the partnerships and the finances that have allowed us to grow from one small Bible study to a thriving ministry. Everything we do is based on a passion to share the Word of God with those who are thirsty. Not only do we rely on the Bible as the sole guiding Truth for how we live, but we trust in the Holy Spirit to transform us from broken individuals into the likeness of Jesus (Isaiah 55).

Thank you for being part of this life-changing process; we covet your prayers and continued support over the coming decade as we pursue the next 10,000 lives for Christ.

All for the King,
Laura Signature

Laura Suk
(Founder and Executive Director)